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I'm A Tester & I'm A Rubber Duck

coverimage Photo by Silvia Maggi

“I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before; I’ll be there for you, ‘Cause you’re there for me too.” [1]

I’m a tester. When a developer talks to me, I see myself as a rubber duck.

A rubber duck? Why not Winnie-the-Pooh, Pikachu or Minion? Because the color doesn’t matter 😉 But other things do matter.

I’m a tester, a rubber duck, you are a developer.

Be close to you

I’m a rubber duck, not an occasional bath toy. I will be bored to float in the water with soap bubbles, meanwhile showing my duck face to who is singing in the tub.

I choose to stay close to you. You can easily reach me whenever you need me, no matter when you are happy, excited, bored, confused, dispirited… And I’m always prepared for any talks. I keep calm and be ready to support you to solve any problems.

Listen to you

I’m a rubber duck, not a noisy quak-quak. I’m patient to listen before I talk. I’ll stay silent and become a decent listener, like the initial method of “rubber duck problem solving” [2].

For me as a tester, I feel good to understand the context and background of the solution.

For you as a developer, you feel good to speak out loudly what you are now debugging, how you plan to resolve the problem, why thing didn’t work at the first place… All I want to do is listening to you and waiting for your Aha! moment. I like this magic moment, which comes suddenly during talking.

Probe your thinking

I’m a rubber duck, not a piece of rubber-like plastic. I’m better than a rubber duck cause I’m able to ask questions.

I learned to be good at questioning. But I never question your qualification. Because I know that a good developer is a problem-solving genius. And I believe “a junior developer is code focused; a senior developer provides solutions to problems” [3].

Sometimes when you are facing pretty complicated problems, you wracked your brain but all the ideas are towards to the dead end. I’ll ask you questions to encourage further thought.

Sometimes when you are facing really easy problems, they can immediately offer solutions 1, 2 and 3… without a second thought. I’ll ask you questions to clarify the real problem and to guide you to a proper solution.

I’m a tester & a rubber duck, you are a developer.

I’m staying with you, you can use me as your reliable coding buddy.

I’m listening to you, you can show me your professional skill.

I’m encouraging you to think, you can tell me your awesome thought.

I’m there for you, you get my full support. 👊

[1] The Rembrandts: I’ll be there for you
[2] Jeff Atwood: Rubber Duck Problem Solving
[3] Matt Briggs: The Role of a Senior Developer