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My Year 2017


“Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed down-stairs one step at a time.” ― Mark Twain

When sitting comfortably in front of the chimney and holding a cup of warm Glühwein, along with the Christmas holiday melody, we all know by heart that 2018 is almost here.

At this moment, I feel warm, relax and a bit drunk. It’s the perfect timing for me to recap my year 2017. If considering my year 2016 as “beginning”, I would say that my year 2017 is a year of “iterating”: building the habit of learning, step by step; keeping learning, little by little.

Keep reading

Surprisingly, I managed to finish only 1 book this year:

2 interesting books I started to read and I’m still reading:

To be honest, I didn’t organize my time quite well focusing on reading books. However, I spent my most of time reading short articles, medium posts and tech news… As the result, I read 3,657,021 words, which is 1.75x more than last year:

Keep blogging

20 blog posts (including this one) are written in 2017. Among them:

I like blogging even no one is reading. Next year, I plan to blog small posts more frequently.

Keep listening

This year, I did listen to podcasts a lot: software testing, IoT, science, history… My favorite must-listen software testing podcasts are:

Keep TestBash-in

Like other awesome testers, undoubtedly, I see Ministry of Testing as an active community to share testing knowledge. This year, I got the chance to be a part of TestBash, which was the first time hosted in Germany. With plenty of passionate testers, I enjoyed every minute of TestBash. I’m looking forward to the next meet.

As I said in my 2016 yearly review, “For the next year, I don’t expect a big change coming, but maybe some small changes. What I know is that my journey will continue, step by step.”, it will still stay true for the next year.

Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!