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Bad Use of A Good Tool

Every sprint, we have a team testing session with one hour fixed time slot. It's a team-fun-thing for all team members to try out new features. I take the honor to organize the testing party. But unfortunately, the last sprint I failed to prepare test devices in time, which cause that the team testing didn't end very well...
Jun 27, 2017 • Read in 3 Min • on tags: charles, mitmproxy, tool, testing

Refine Software Testing Types

Software Testing is a huge topic. The types of software testing is enormous. Tons of terminologies and syllabuses could make people feel sick...
May 2, 2017 • Read in 2 Min • on tags: testing, idea

Be prepared! Interruption is coming!

Recently I read an interesting article about "Why do programmers wear headphones?". The truth is that "programmers are easily distracted, headphones eliminate some distractions, thus headphones make programmers." To reduce losing attention by distractions, I could improve my attention span...
Apr 29, 2017 • Read in 5 Min • on tags: productivity, tester

How I Do Exploratory Testing

Since the beginning of last year when I failed to use calabash for mobile testing, I mainly focus on improving my ET skill. I want to establish a practice for the purpose: To have a concrete structure of ET and to adapt change easily based on it...
Apr 17, 2017 • Read in 5 Min • on tags: exploratory, testing

Why Hugo Why Not Hexo

As you probably remember that I just about switched from jekyll to hexo 2 months ago, now I'm again switching from hexo to hugo. Am I crazy? Yep. You want to know why? Let me tell you...
Apr 12, 2017 • Read in 4 Min • on tags: hugo, hexo, web building